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Morning Classes

9:00 AM
Stress Reduction


9:00 am
with Tom 

w/ Evey

and Core


6:00 AM
45 Min. Spin
w/ Jackie

9:00 AM
Core and 
w/ Jackie


12:00 PM
w/ Jackie

9:00 AM
Total Body Cardio
w/ Evey



11:00 am
Low Impact
and Balance
9:00 AM
w/ Jackie




9:00 AM
Total Body
w/ Tom


10:30 AM
Pilates Mat**
w/ Jennifer

Evening Classes
Total Body
w/ Tom













6:30 pm
and Stretch




** Please bring your own Yoga / Pilates Mat to these classes (Some mats are available for those who need them)

~ Hip-Hop Exercise is now for kids ! Anna teaches 5 - 7 year olds from 11:30 til 12 and 8 - 12 year olds from 12:15 til 1 PM ~

^^ Spin Class is held downstairs in Studio 2 - Classes are limited to 10 people due to space and bikes
^^ Pre-Register to reserve your bike!!!

All included with Bronxville Fitness Club membership
OR just drop in for $19 per class.

Bronxville Fitness Club Group Classes
Find it impossible to get inspired on your own?  Then dive into one of BFC’s Group Fitness Classes and let the spirit take you places you haven’t been able to reach alone.
  • Classes limited to 17 participants to ensure safety and individual attention (EXCEPT FOR SPIN, which is limited to 10)
  • Classes fill on a first come, first served basis (EXCEPT FOR SPIN which is open to pre-registration)
  • Please arrive on time

The 50/50 Experience (Caitlin)
First 30 minutes is moderate to vigorous intensity spinning followed by 30 minutes of full body weight training, stretching, and relaxation. It’s the perfect class for getting a little bit of everything in an hour!

Circuit Training (Tom)
A 17-station mix of core, strength training, cardio and balance exercises provides an excellent total body workout. The routine and the music will motivate adults of all ages.

Intense Intervals (Kara)
A combination of cardio and strength training packed into an intense 45-minute session. Be prepared to get your heart rate up and maximize your calorie burn. The last 10 minutes is an ab blasting routine that will ensure a tight core!

All Fired Up! (Evey)
Want a great way to de-stress? Come take my class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am! You will shed pounds, build muscle, increase your endurance and your balance!

Low Impact Weights (Jackie)
This 30-minute low impact class is ideal for those seeking to tone muscles using light hand weights and easy to follow routines.

Pilates Mat (Hilary)
Pilates improves core strength and flexibility without building bulk and promotes balance in people of all ages. It relieves stress and muscle tension, improves range of motion in joints, and helps prevent injury. Many doctors recommend Pilates for people with back problems.

Sculpt Burn & Core (Jackie)
Sculpt your muscles in this total body class focusing on core stabilization.

Spin (Caitlin, Shelly, Jackie)
These 45-minute classes burn serious calories (about 450) and offer an awesome aerobic workout that makes your heart pump fast. It also tones quadriceps and outer thigh muscles. Endurance spin classes include hand weights.

Yoga (Eileen, Emily)
An hour of stretching poses promotes balance, flexibility, and relaxation. Classes are designed for all levels and the certified instructors will make sure you work safely and effectively.

Zumba (Jackie)
The high-energy Latin music will make you forget that you’re exercising! In easy to follow moves for all levels, you’ll be getting fit and your energy level will be soaring.

Sculpt & Move (Shelly)
Tone and strengthen your muscles using everything from dumb bells to resistance band. This is the ultimate fitness class with an infused cardio workout. Open to all levels!

Burn Baby Burn (Jackie)
A pure cardio class using only your body weight incorporating cardio drills, plyometrics, and core work. Guaranteed to keep your heart rate up.

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